Solar Electric:  PV, Hydro, Wind

Suppliers of parts and system to generate electricity from the sun -- PV, Micro Hydro, and Wind Generation.


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PV Panels -- Some manufacturers of solar electric panels (listed alphabetically)

The links to these companies change so often that its about impossible to keep them up to date, so just do a search on the company name.

I don't maintain this list very carefully anymore as there are so many going out of business and so many new ones.
(makes you wonder what your warrantee is really worth?)

BP Solar  BP is leaving the solar business 
Canadian Solar  
Carmanah Technologies  
Evergreen Solar Evergreen is gone
Mitsubishi Electric  
REC Solar  
Shell Solar No longer doing PV modules
Uni-Solar in bankruptcy?
FSEC Certified PV Module List ...
A list of PV modules that have passed the FSEC certification process.
For some stores that sell PV panels, have a look at the "wide line" suppliers here ...  
Cheapest Solar Panels For Sale


This site claims to list the best deals going on solar PV panels.
I've not made any attempt to verify their claim, but it can't hurt to see what they list.

Solar Panel Prices...

Full Package Prices...
PV Panel Mounts -- Fixed


A wide line of ground, roof and pole mounts for PV arrays.

Tools to help pick the right mounting system.



A wide line of ground, roof, and pole mounts for PV arrays.



A wide line of ground, roof, and pole mounts for PV arrays.


A wide line of ground or roof mounts and a line of pole mounts for PV arrays.
See below for tracking mounts.
S5 Attachment Hardware


A means to install panels to standing seam roofs.
PV Panel Mounts -- Tracking


Single and dual axis trackers for pole mounted PV arrays.
The tracking mechanism uses a geared electric motor for tracking.
ZomeWorks ...


Single axis tracking systems for pole mounted PV arrays in which the sun's heat moves fluid between reservoirs to accomplish the tracking.
Inverters, Charge Controllers, Combiner Boxes, ...


Major manufacturer of inverters of several types.


Major manufacturer of inverters, charge controllers, and other PV system components.
SMA -- SunnyBoy


Major manufacturer of inverters, charge controllers, and other PV system components.


Magnum Energy


Manufacturer of a line of a line of small to moderate size sinewave and modified sinewave inverters -- some particularly suited to mobile applications.
Samlex -- Power Conversion Products


Manufacturer of a line of a line of small to moderate size sinewave and modified sinewave inverters, as well as power supplies, and DC-DC converters.
Midnight Solar



Manufacturer of wiring enclosures and disconnects for wiring PV systems and mounting inverters.
They provide an alternative way to mount Outback and Xantrex inverters.
Wiring Supplies
The Solar Biz -- Quick Cable

Supplies and tools for making battery interconnection and other high amperage DC cables.

Wire, lugs, cheap crimping tools, battery box ventilators, ...


PV Components
See also the wide line suppliers Many of the suppliers listed under "Wide Line" carry a selection of PV components -- inverters, charge controllers, batteries, PV panels, ...


CirKits  -- Forrest Cooks Electronics and Alternate Energy Site



Forrest offers several circuits and kits for solar PV applications as well as an extensive set of links to electronic and alternate energy sites.
Building Your Own PV Panels
Silicon Solar Inc,



You can buy individual PV cells from this outfit (and many others), and build your own PV panels. 
There is some cost saving, but for most this may not be worth the effort.
Solar & Wind Water pumps
Grundfos SQ solar well pumps ...


These pumps have a good reputation for solar or wind  well pumping applications.

This product guide has a lot of design and application information for solar pumping.




One supplier of PV powered pumps.  
There are many other now -- check the "Wide Variety ..." list of suppliers at the top of this page also.
Canyon Hydro

Supplier of small scale hydro systems.


Supplier of small scale hydro systems.  Some good manuals information on their downloads page.

The "Appendix" is a well organized collection of articles and papers on micro hydro applications.  It has pretty much everything you need to design and install a small hydro system.

Energy Systems and Design

Supplier of small scale hydro systems.  Some good design information on their downloads page.
Eco Innovation


Supplies Pelton wheel turbines, generators, ...



Plastic and stainless Turgo spoons and wheels, and other parts to build a Turgo wheel micro hydro system.
Alternate Energy Store

Small scale hydro components
A Sampling of Wind Generator Suppliers
(listed alphabetically -- I have no direct experience with any of these suppliers -- so, beware!)
ARE Wind Turbines


Supplier of 12ft and 24 ft diameter wind turbines.
Bergey Wind Turbines




A well known supplier of small wind turbines.
Eoltec Wind Turbines

Makers of an 18 ft rotor diameter wind turbine.
Jacobs Wind Turbines


A revival of the famous Jacobs wind turbines that were so popular and durable in the 20's.
Kestrel Wind Turbines


Supplier of wind turbines with rotors ranging from 5 ft to 12ft diameter.
Mariah Power Windspire 1 KWH Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


An Article from The Energy Blog...


A soon to be available vertical axis wind turbine.

It is 30 ft high by 2 ft wide with guy wires.  It is anchored in a concrete foundation.

Said to produce 1900 KWH per year with an average 12 mph wind.  Said to be very quiet.
Price $4000.

Proven Energy Wind Turbines


Manufacturers of a line of wind turbines ranging from 8 to 30 ft rotor diameter.
quietrevolution Wind Turbines



A new vertical axis design that is targeted for urban locations.
Southwest Windpower


A well know supplier of small wind turbines ranging up to 15 ft rotor diameter.
Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine from Southwest Windpower


This is kind of the opposite of Do-It-Yourself, but I thought it was interesting.
The Skystream is a 12 ft diameter turbine that is designed for grid connected residential use.  It comes as a package that includes all the electronics and grid tie inverter.   Kind of a plug-and-play wind turbine.  It claims to be designed to fit into residential areas -- low noise, street lamp type tower, ...   About $7000 plus installation.  It is said to produce 400 KWH per month in winds averaging 12.3 mph.


Please note that I have had no dealings with most of the suppliers, and cannot vouch for them in any way.  These links are just a place to get started in your system/component searches.  I have no financial or other arrangement of any kind with any of these suppliers.




Gary April 16, 2008