Suppliers for Solar Heating Systems and Components

Suppliers for all solar heating applications, including domestic water heating, water and air heating collectors for solar space heating, and solar pool heating.

Also includes components for solar heating systems such as glazing, pumps, controls, heat exchangers, fans, plumbing, ...

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Pool Heating

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Components for Solar Heating systems

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Batch or Integral Storage Collectors (ICS)
CopperHeart Batch Collector

A commercial version of a batch solar water heater.  Some useful downloads.
There are several other manufacturers of batch systems -- installation of one of these systems is a good DIY project.
Thermosyphon Water Heaters
Solar Hart Thermosyphon Water Heaters


A well known manufacturer of thermosyphon solar water heaters.
SunSiphon Thermosiphon Unit

Install Manual:

These thermosyphon water heaters are simple and reliable -- no pumps or controllers.


One piece, rotationally molded polyethylene water heater







An interesting Australian water heating concept that is soon to be available in the US.

"The system is constructed of UV resistant high density polymer.  The bladder and the tank are constructed in one piece using roto molding technology, no seams to leak.  The secret to the system is that the pressure inside the tank and the solar bladder is gravity pressure only.  There is a float valve that controls flow into the tank.  A unique interior design promotes thermal siphon action from the tank through the bladder and back to the tank.  The system is designed to deliver 9 liters a minute under gravity pressure at 15 feet of head.  If the user desires mains pressure than a pump is added on the hot water line before the tap outlet.  In North Carolina the unit generated 165 degree water during the summer and 140 degree water in the winter.  Performance will vary depending on the latitude the unit is located at. 
There is an electric 240 v heating element and adjustable thermostat inside the tank as a back up heat source.  The unit also has a gas back up heat option available.  There is a 10 year warranty on the tank and bladder and a 5 year warranty on the heating element.  The manufacture claims a 20 year or more life of the tank and bladder.  Empty the unit weighs 230 lbs full the unit weighs 900 lbs.  The foot print is 5" 5" x 7' 4". 
The design of this system is different from the  traditional thermosyphon water heaters in several respects, so be sure you understand these differences, and that the unit is suitable for your situation.
Imported Thermosyphon Solar Water Heaters

One example: ...



There appear to be a number of these imported thermosyphon water heaters with integrated storage tank appearing for reasonable prices.  This may prove to be a good option for cost effective solar water heating.

If you have one of these, and could share your experiences, please let me know.

Flat Plate Water Heating Solar Collectors

SRCC Certified Flat Plate Collectors Manufacturers List 
ACR Solar
Alternate energy Technologies
EnerWorks Inc.
Marathon International
R & R Solar Supply 808 842-0011
Radco Procucts
Schuco USA
Sensible Technologies
Solahart Industries
Solar Development
Solar Energy
Stiebel Eltron
Sun Earth
Synergy Solar
Thermo Dynamics
Viessmann Manufacturing Company
Additional Flat Plate Water Heating Collector Manufacturers, Sites and Info

AET Solar Absorber Plates

solar collector absorberAET solar sells copper solar thermal collector absorbers for any size of collector.

The absorbers are all copper with fins welded to riser tubes, and riser tubes braized to manifolds.

Prices in early 2014 about $9 per sqft.



Supplier of flat plate collectors and absorber sheets.


Solar Energy


A supplier of flat plate collectors and of absorber sheets.  The absorber sheets can be incorporated in a DIY frame to produce a much less expensive collector without all the labor of building the absorber sheet.
Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC (AET)


Solar water heating systems and collectors.

Good construction detail on some of their collector description brochures.

Apricus Heat Disssipator

A device to dissipate excess heat from solar collectors during the summer.
Stiebel Eltron


Maker of an SRCC certified 29 sqft collector.
Copper internals with selective coating.
Stiebel Eltron

One sample US retailer:


Manufacturer of a wide line of solar related products.  Collectors, tanks, pump/control packages, tankless heaters, ...


Maker of serpentine solar collectors with copper internals.
Solar Developments

Kits for solar water heating and other solar applications.  Not very specific about the details of what's in the kit.

Evacuated Tube Water Heating Solar Collectors

SRCC Certified Evacuated Tube Collectors Manufacturers List 
American Solar Works
Apricus Solar
Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology
Solargenix Energy
Thermo Tech./Thermomax
Viessmann Manufacturing Company
Additional Evacuated Tube Water Heating Collector Manufacturers, Sites and Info
Thermomax Industries

Supplier of evacuated tubes and systems.  Downloads section has good technical data.
Apricus Evacuated Tube Collector

Apricus Evacuated Tube Collector.

The website has some helpful how-it-works, design and installation data.

Fitch Consulting



Fitch Consulting is a potentially low price source for evac tube collectors. 

Bill now has SRCC certification for his collectors, so systems built with them will qualify for the 30% federal tax credit.

The site also has lots of interesting solar projects, including a solar home heating system and a very ambitious solar assisted ground source heat pump project.

Sun Spot Solar -- SUNDA Evacuated Tube Collectors


Supplier of SUNDA evacuated tube collectors.    Quite a bit of helpful information and installation pictures available on the site.
Solar Water Heating Systems
Alternate Energy Store


A wide variety of packaged solar water heating systems at pretty good prices, and with quite a bit of sizing and installation information.
King Solar

Solar water heating systems and components including collectors, absorber plates, pumps, heat exchangers, controllers, ...
Butler Sun Solutions


This supplier makes a heat exchanger for solar water heating systems that can be inserted into an existing normal electric water heating tank to allow it to be used for both the solar storage tank and the backup water heating tank.
Solarhot USA -- Solar hot water

Solar components for water and pool heating. 
They make a SolVelox that is a single package that allows your current hot water tank to be used in a solar water heating system (pictured).  Packages pumps, heat exchanger, valves, and controller in one unit. 
Thermomax Industries

Collectors, tanks, heat exchangers for solar water heating systems.
Solar Roofs Solar Water Heating Systems


A supplier of a line of solar water heating systems that the manufacturer says is well suited to DIY installation.  Kits offered for freezing and non-freezing climates.

The downloadable installation manuals appear to be complete and well illustrated -- worth looking at if you are doing your own system, or buying their kit.

Solar Air Heating Collectors
Solar Max Heating Systems


Manufacturer of solar air heating collectors for space heating. 
SRCC certification is in the works.
solar air heating collector SRCC certified solar air heating collectors in several sizes from a non-profit.
solar air heating collector installation

I would just add that a low cost alternative to the $300 controller they offer is a simple thermal snap switch at about $15 -- see the solar air heating pages for details.
Sunsiaray Solar Manufacturing


Solar air collector with selective coating -- 32 sqft modules can be ganged together.
SRCC certified.
Solarsheat Air Collector,
Your Solar Home, Inc.



An SRCC certified solar air heating collector that uses a PV powered fan.
American Solar


American Solar offers a kit for a 32 sqft air collector for $289. 
This looks promising, but the information is very sketchy, so beware.
DeSoto Solar -- Solar Air Collectors



Carefully made Solar Air Collectors from solar experimenter Morris Dovey.
Cansolair Solar Air Collectors


Manufacturers of a unique design solar air collector.

Dealers in Canada and most states.
Solar Pool Heating

Supplies solar water heating systems and pool heating systems.  Fairly good information on their site.
Go Solar



Supplier of pool heating systems.  Web site has some useful technical information and a fuel saving calculator.


Solar pool heating kits for in-ground and above ground pools.

Components For Solar Heating Systems

Glazing Guide for Solar Applications...


A guide to the pros and cons of various glazing materials for solar collectors.
Interstate Plastics

Potential source for many types of plastics.  Engineering specs for many plastics.


Professional Plastics

Very wide variety of plastics of all sorts.
Good technical data and application notes.
SunTuf Polycarbonate Glazing

SunTuf Spec ... (pdf)


Polycarbonate glazing -- site has good specifications on their glazing products, and some DIY plans.




One supplier:


This is a corrugated polycarbonate that is similar to SunTuf, but is available in wider sheets.



Pilkington Glass -- good source of technical information on glass.
Sun-Lite Fiberglass Glazing


This glazing material appears to have a good track record in solar applications.
General Electric


Source of Lexan (polycarbonate) and other glazing plastics.

If you have trouble finding Lexan sheet locally try the GE phone: 800 451 3147

GE provides good engineering support for their glazing products.  Good specification and application docs, and will answer questions stated in emails and telephone calls.

Modern Plastics

Supplier of a wide variety of plastics glazing.
Sundance Supply

Supplier of polycarbonate glazing panels.
EnviroCept Greenhouses, etc.

Supplier of greenhouse glazing products

I have ordered from these folks and received good service.

Greenhouse Mega Store


Supplier of greenhouse glazing products
TEK Supply



Supplier of greenhouse and farm equipment.

Greenhouse glazing supplies -- including twinwall polycarbonate ...


Multiwall Systems


Seller of mulitwall polycarbonate glazing and glazing framing.

The site has some useful application and installation information.

Solexx Greenhouse Panels


Another glazing option.  High density Polyethylene double wall panels.  About $1 per sqft, 8 year guarantee,  75% transmission.
Artic Glass and Window Outlet,
Eau Claire, WI (honest)


Artic Glass and Window outlet appears to offer some good prices on double pane tempered glass that is good for sunrooms.  Their edge seal design looks somewhat different than others, so you might want to discuss that with them.
They also have some good written material on glass and on building sunrooms.
Charley's Greenhouse and Garden
Wide variety of greenhouse and sunspace supplies, including glazing, ventilation equipment,  ...

Greenhouse suppliers in general can be a good source of glazing, fans, vents, ...

K-mac Plastics


K-mac appears to offer a wide variety of polycarbonate and other plastics glazing.
RIDOUT Plastics


A variety of plastics, including polycarbonate sheet.


Warp's Flex-O-Glass has been reported to hold up well in outdoor applications.   Not a high temperature glazing.



RIDOUT Plastics


Source for plastics and glazing materials, including Mylar.
Nielsen Enterprises


A source for a variety of styles of aluminized and clear Mylar (Polyester film) for making reflectors and glazing.
I have made several purchases for Nielsen and always received good service.

Full rolls can be purchased via the manufactures such as DuPont

Pumps For Solar Water and Space Heating Systems, and Solar PV Pumping

See the Components Page->Pumps  for  Solar System Controls

Also check the "Solar Water Pumping" section)

Hand Pumps
Bison Pumps



Hand pumps for either primary or backup use.
For shallow or deep wells (up to 300').
Solar System Controls

See the Components Page->Controllers  for  Solar System Controls

Fans and Dampers
Fans and ventilators and a neat back draft damper

Fans and ventilators and a neat back draft damper



Manufacturer of a wide line of fans, some of which have good solar system uses.

Often available on ebay.

Elicent Fans

Manufacturer of a wide line of fans, some of which have good solar system uses.

Often available on ebay.

Greentrees Hydroponics


Quite a variety of inline fans.
HMI Motorized Dampers

Various types of motorized dampers for combustion air intake and flues.
WAM Home Center


Good prices on tankless water heaters and other HVAC stuff.

I ordered a tankless water heater from these them and got good tech support and fast shipping.

Thermal Storage Related -- heat and cold storage, tanks, liners,...

See the Components Page->Tanks  for  Solar System Controls (dozens of tank options listed)

Phase Change Materials for Heat Storage


A supplier of a variety of phase change materials for heat storage in solar systems.
Reflector Film
Nielsen Enterprises


A source for a variety of styles of aluminized Mylar (Polyester film) for making reflectors.
I have made several purchases for Nielsen and always received good service.

Full rolls can be purchased via the manufactures such as DuPont

Greentrees Hydroponics


Reflective film as used in hydroponics applications.  Several types.

Look under: Products -> Reflective Wall Coverings

ReflecTech Film



A reflective film made for outdoor reflector applications.  High reflectance and good outside durability.  The back side has an adhesive layer for application.
About $3 per sqft.

(thanks to Bill for suggesting this)
Installing Panels
To Add: the common attachment schemes for various roof styles.  
Roof Mounting without Roof Damage


Mounting collectors or equipment on a tar roof without damage.
S5 Attachment Hardware


A means to install panels to standing seam roofs.
Selective Surfaces
Potential Selective Coatings Suppliers

Potential suppliers of selective coatings pre-applied to a metal substrate, or selective paints.

I'm not sure how any of these suppliers will feel about small orders, or what the prices might be. 

If you have experience with any of these suppliers (or others), I'd like to hear about it.
Solkote from is apparently available in gallon quantities.  Here is a note that was posted by Jeff on it:
A gallon of solkote runs about $60 + shipping ($20 or so). 500 ft square or so of coverage.
Solkote advised not using aluminum flashing as the quality of aluminum is low because of the amount of magnesium and indicated this would lead to decreased life. All news to me!

Thurmalox Selective Surface Coating


This is a silicone based selective coating that comes in a spray can.  If this works, it might be a good DIY alternative to the selective coatings listed above. 
It is claimed that when applied at 0.5 mil thick, it has an absorptivity of 0.96 and an emissivity of 0.52.   This is not as good as some commercial selective coatings, but is a good improvement over black paint.  It is claimed that it holds up well to inside of collector environments.  A can covers 50 sqft and costs around $15.
If you have had any experience with this product, please let me know how it worked out.
Piping, Tubing
Endot Industries


A manufacturer of various types of HDPE and PE plastic pipe.

Good specification, reference, and plumbing design material for download in the support area.
Berry Hill Irrigation



Irrigation systems, large rolls of irrigation piping, ..
IPEX -- PEX pipe


The IPEX technical library has a lot of good reference material on PEX and PEX-AL-PEX pipe as applied to radiant floor heating. 
You will need to go through a short registration procedure.

Search for "The Copper Tube Handbook" -- 7mb of more than you will ever need to know about copper tubing/pipe size,  geometry, ratings, ...
Drillspot -- Pipe Insualtion


One source for thick wall, closed cell pipe insulation.
MAXX-R Pipe Insulation System


An insulating scheme for buried pipes.

The claimed R values seem reasonable for the the thickness of the insulation (in contrast to some of the products in this area).

Heat Exchangers

See the Components Page->Heat Exchangers  for  Solar System Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer Compounds
Thermon Heat Transfer Compounds


The problem of thermally bonding tubing to a storage tank or an absorber fin comes up a lot.  This stuff might work -- have not tried.  Please let me know if you do.
Heat Transfer Plates
Tom's Fins


Tom Sullivan, who has contributed many solar projects to Build-It-Solar has started making heat transfer plates commercially.

These plates are very well made and optimized for solar collectors.



Aluminum heat transfer plates that slip over PEX tubing.  Intended to make radiant floors more efficient.  Can probably also be used in building solar collectors.
M.P. Metal Products


Source for aluminum heat transfer plates.
You can also make the fins easily... A rundown on all the many ways to make or buy fins.
Radiant Heating
IPEX and Warmrite

Supplier of radiant floor heating products.

Some good downloads in "Tech Library"

Radiant Engineering

Radiant heating products.

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems and components
PEX Universe
Supplier of radiant floor heating systems, components, PEX, ...
The BlueRidge Company

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems and components
Slant Fin

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems and components

Manufacturer of radiant floor heating compnents.
PEX Connection

Supplier of PEX tubing and radiant floor supplies
Radiant Direct

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems and components
Plumbing Goods

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems and components
Condensing Boilters



One potential supplier for efficient, condensing boilers that work well in solar radiant floor systems.

Note that some conventional boilers that require a high minimum return temperature do not work well with solar.
adiant Floor Company



Lots of good installation and design detail on this site.

Supplier of radiant floor heating systems

Please note that I have had no dealings with most of the suppliers, and cannot vouch for them in any way.  These links are just a place to get started in your system/component searches.  I have no financial or other arrangement of any kind with any of these suppliers.

Gary April 16, 2008