Efficiency of Heating Appliances


The following data is from the EERE site: http://www.eere.energy.gov/consumerinfo/factsheets/cb5.html


Bear in mind that this is the efficiency of the furnace itself.  It does not include any heat losses from the duct system that may pass through your attic, crawl space or other unheated area.   These losses can be surprisingly high as detailed here: http://oikos.com/esb/28/duct_losses.html



Estimated Average Fuel Conversion Efficiency of Common Heating Appliances
Fuel Type - Heating Equipment Efficiency (%)
Coal (bituminous)
Central heating, hand-fired 45.0
Central heating, stoker-fired 60.0
Water heating, pot stove (50 gal.) 14.5
High efficiency central heating 89.0
Typical central heating 80.0
Water heater (50 gal.) 59.5
High efficiency central furnace 97.0
Typical central boiler 85.0
Minimum efficiency central furnace 78.0
Room heater, unvented 99.0
Room heater, vented 65.0
Water heater (50 gal.) 62.0
Baseboard, resistance 99.0
Central heating, forced air 97.0
Central heating, heat pump 200+
Ground source heat pump 300+
Water heaters (50 gal.) 97.0
Wood & Pellets  
Franklin stoves 30.0 - 40.0
Stoves with circulating fans 40.0 - 70.0
Catalytic stoves 65.0 - 75.0
Pellet stoves 85.0 - 90.0