DIY PV System -- Installing the System

ThPanels mounted in final position

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These pages cover the actual installation of your system.


While we chose to do the full design and installation of the system ourselves, you can do some of it yourself and farm the rest out.  In any case, knowing the details of what is involved will let you make a better decision, and will allow you to work with your installer on a more informed basis if you go that way.



Designing and Building the PV Panel Mounts

Covers the selection of the type of ground mount rack, designing the mounting rack, and building the mounting rack.


Wiring Trench

Covers laying out and digging the trench to run the underground wires form the PV array to the house

Mounting the Components

Covers mounting the micro-inverters, PV panels, and the disconnect switch


Covers all the wiring for the PV system


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Gary November 21, 2009