Earthship Information

The Earthship designs are very impressive:

  • They incorporate all of these attributes in a single design:

                    - Solar passive heating

                    - Rain water harvesting

                    - Solar water heating system

                    - Solar electric system

                    - Greywater collection and reuse

                    - Blackwater processing

  • They make use of rejected and "garbage" materials

  • The design has been continuously refined and improved over the last 30 years

  • Approved plans are available to make it easier to get through the permitting process

The Earthship concept is 30+ years old, and many have been built, so there is quite a bit of material out there to look at.  This page provides links to some of the material I thought was good and "hands-on"  -- please let me know if you find others that should be listed here. 


One thing to be careful of is that some of the material is out of date in the sense that better ways have been found to do some parts of the Earthship as the design has been refined over the years.


Earthship Global Operations

This is the main site for Earthship information.

There is information on:

The Packaged Earthship Plans package

This is a nice set of pictures and sketch plans for the "Packaged" Eartships.  The Packaged Earthships are designs that have some features to keep the cost of the Earthship down a bit.  They still have all the Earthship features.  The Packaged Earthship.


Packaged EarthshipPackaged Earthship plan




Our Earthship Visit

These are some notes, data and thoughts from a couple day visit to the "Hut" rental Earthship near Taos.


Here is another report on an Earthship visit:



Earthship Videos

These YouTube videos give a pretty good overview of the Earthship idea and construction -- pretty good detail:

Part I:

Part II:

Searching YouTube for "Earthships" will bring up a few more, including some demonstration projects.



Taos Earthships Realty

This realty in Taos specializes in Earthships -- they have some very detailed Earthship video tours that show a lot of detail for various Earthships on sale -- a good way to get a feel for life in an Earthship



Scott & Janis's Earthship voyage

This is a terrific personal web site that takes you through the construction of an Earthship in great detail.  Many pages of nitty-gritty detail.



Touch the Earth Ranch-House

A very nice off-grid, Earthship home Colorado...
Be sure to see the detailed set of construction pictures ...


Earthship Tour Tire House Where We Live in the US

A fairly detailed tour of an Earthship.




The Brighton Earthship Project

An Earthship project in Brighton, UK.



To Live in  Harmony with the Earth

A fine personal website from an

Earthship owner in Colorado.





Dennis Weaver's Famous Earthship

A video tour...


A bit more information on the Earthship site...



Sizing and Living with a PV System for an Earthship

Home Power magazine article on sizing PV and wind system for and Earthship, and living it with it for a few years.  HP article on Earthship PV



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