My DIY Solar Hot Water Heating System in Southeastern Pennsylvania

This system is a very nicely done $1K design DIY solar water heating system in Pennsylvania.   Matt has done a great job of documenting the system -- see the pdf below for a full description of the design and all the construction details.

DIY solar water heatin in PA

Matt has tried a few new things, the most significant being using a coil of copper for the domestic water heating heat exchanger.   This coil of copper is immersed in the heat storage tank, and the incoming cold water takes a single pass through the heat exchanger before going to the hot water tank.   It appears from the tank and heat exchanger output temperatures that Matt measured that the 80 ft coil of copper is doing well.  There will be a separate report on the heat exchanger performance later.

The tank is very well insulated and probably provides the lowest heat loss of any of the $1K systems described on Build-It-Solar. 


Here are a few pictures from the pdf.

DIY solar water heating system tank
Nearly finished tank with liner and inside
insulation installed, and outside insulation
being applied.
copper coil heat exchanger diy solar heating system
The 80 ft copper coil heat exhanger that
transfer heat to the cold water from
the solar heated tank.
diy solar collectors
Checking out the two collectors in the living room--
what better use for a living room floor!

All the details from Matt in a pdf ...



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Gary September 14, 2012