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Material on the energy content of various fuels, and tools to compare fuels and heating systems for cost and CO2 emissions.


Comparing cost and emission for Fuels and Furnaces


Heat content of various fuels.


Historic fuel price information


Material properties of various fuels


Fuel for different forms of transportation (passenger miles per gallon)


Energy Statistics Sites...



Comparing Cost and Emissions for Fuels and Furnaces
Fuel Comparison Calculator ...




This is our own calculator to compare the cost and CO2 emissions for various types of heating systems and fuels.
Includes geothermal heat pumps, and some biofuels.

The Calculator...

Fuel Cost Calculator



This is a nice fuel calculator for comparing fuel costs for various fuels and heat plants.

A good feature of this one is that it includes duct losses for various kinds of duct systems -- these are sometimes large and often overlooked.
Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator
From ...


This is a nice fuel cost comparison calculator.

Give you a comparison of the cost of heating with 8 different fuels. 
Very nice.

Heat Content of Various Fuels
Heat Content of Common Fuels

Fuel BTU

Wood Heating Values

Maine Public Service (pdf)

EERE Fuel Data Sheet (pdf)

Heat content in BTU for common fuels
Fuel Cost Comparison Chart

Explanation for chart:

Handy chart that gives equivalent fuel prices for a wide variety of common and uncommon fuels, including biomass fuels.

For example, electricity at 10 cents per KWH is equivalent to burning barley at $7.49 a bushel. 
Accounts for efficiency of the burning.

Fuel Energy Equivalence Calculator

SHEC labs

Compare fuels for energy content.
Heating System Efficiency

Furnace Efic

Efficiency for various types of heating systems and fuels.
Carbon Content of Fuels


Carbon produced per billion BTU for various fuels
Fuel Information
Energy Information Administration


Current and historical fuel price data for oil, gas, propane, and electricity.   Future fuel price outlooks.   Greenhouse gas emissions data.
EERE  Alternative Fuels Data Center

This page has some good summaries of recent trends:


The EERE's alternative fuels site.  A wealth of information on alternative fuels: properties, incentive programs, models, infrastructure...
Fuel Use for Different Modes of Transportation
Energy Efficiency of Different Modes of Transportation -- compiled by James Strickland...



Very extensive list of the fuel efficiency of many modes of transportation -- cars, buses, airplanes, ships, ...

Compare traveling on the Queen Mary to a scooter to a train and many more.

Energy Statistics Sites
OpenDI -- Open Energy Info


New DOE site -- I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly what this is about, but there does seem to be a lot of useful energy related data here.


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