Doug Kalmer's Solar Projects


Doug Kalmer has contributed 9 great solar and renewable energy projects to Build-It-Solar.  Full details are provided below for each project.



The 9 projects cover the passive solar home that he built in the 80's as well associated passive greenhouse, solar water heaters, and an efficient  masonry stove.



Doug has been "walking the walk" on low impact and sustainable living since the 80's and there is much to learn from he and his wife's approach to living.


A video tour of Doug's solar home ...

Doug and two of the collectors he uses.  The lower one heats water for his shop/studio, and the upper is a solar air heater for the glass studio.

Here are Doug's projects:


Thanks very much to Doug for providing this material!


You can reach Doug at:  dougkalmer  AT gmail DOT com         (replace AT with @, and DOT with a period)





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